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Thank you for offering the Christmas Tree Stand, I just purchased the TS297WL and I appreciate the free shipping. I also appreciate the fact that my 14 foot tree will not fall over 3-5 times this year! Have a great Christmas and I am sure my friends and neighbors will be very interested where I purchased this tree stand.

Herbie - NH

I can only say WoW!!!...What service.....P.S. I book marked your web page and I'll be talking billboard for HomeProductsnMore

-Jim M - IL

I finally got around to changing the lock on the door and, with the help of my son-in-law, I was successful in installing the Lockey keyless is working very nicely. Iím looking forward to many years of easy-entry to my house! Thanks for all your help!!

-Dave Potts - MD

I looked all over town for hardware to fit a storm door when ours broke... I was very pleased with the quality and it fit perfect. It is heavy and the finish is very nice...the easy instructions and helpful diagrams on the website made picking out what we needed to make sure it fit a snap. Thanks Home Products N More

-Brian C - NE

Thank you so much, Ellen - you are, without doubt, the most helpful online resource person I have ever encountered. And I have ordered my plaque - and transformer. Really appreciated the description of the colors, too. If you ever need a reference, tell 'em to call me. I'll give you a great one!

-Robin Hinch - CA

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Hurricane Names History

In the U.S., hurricanes have been given names since 1953, when the National Weather Service started using women's names to name each individual storm. In 1979, they started using men's names in addition to women's names. Today, the World Meterological Organization keeps six lists of names for hurricanes and tropical storms. These six lists are used in rotation, so for example, you'll notice below that the names used in 1998 are the same as those used in 2004, 1999 names were the same as 2005, and so on. The only time a name is retired is if a storm is particularly damaging or deadly. In that case, a new name will be chosen.

The names are used in alphabetical order, one name for each letter of the alphabet with the exception of Q, U, X, Y, and Z. If a hurricane season turns out to be particularly active, and all names are used, then they begin using the greek alphabet to name out the rest of that season's storms. You can see below that this happened in 2005.

The following is a record of all hurricane's names from 1998 through 2007.

List of Names for 1998:
  • Tropical Storm Alex
  • Hurricane Bonnie
  • Tropical Storm Charley
  • Hurricane Danielle
  • Hurricane Earl
  • Tropical Storm Frances
  • Hurricane Georges
  • Tropical Storm Hermine
  • Hurricane Ivan
  • Hurricane Jeanne
  • Hurricane Karl
  • Hurricane Lisa
  • Hurricane Mitch
  • Hurricane Nicole

List of Names for 1999:
  • Tropical Storm Arlene
  • Tropical Depression Two
  • Hurricane Bret
  • Hurricane Cindy
  • Hurricane Dennis
  • Tropical Storm Emily
  • Tropical Depression Seven
  • Hurricane Floyd
  • Hurricane Gert
  • Tropical Storm Harvey
  • Tropical Depression Eleven
  • Tropical Depression Twelve
  • Hurricane Irene
  • Hurricane Jose
  • Tropical Storm Katrina
  • Hurricane Lenny

List of Names for 2000:
  • Tropical Depression One
  • Tropical Depression Two
  • Hurricane Alberto
  • Tropical Depression Four
  • Tropical Storm Beryl
  • Tropical Storm Chris
  • Hurricane Debby
  • Tropical Storm Ernesto
  • Tropical Depression Nine
  • Hurricane Florence
  • Hurricane Gordon
  • Tropical Storm Helene
  • Hurricane Isaac
  • Hurricane Joyce
  • Hurricane Keith
  • Tropical Storm Leslie
  • Hurricane Michael
  • Tropical Storm Nadine

List of Names for 2001:
  • Tropical Storm Allison
  • Tropical Depression Two
  • Tropical Storm Barry
  • Tropical Storm Chantal
  • Tropical Storm Dean
  • Hurricane Erin
  • Hurricane Felix
  • Hurricane Gabrielle
  • Tropical Depression Nine
  • Hurricane Humberto
  • Hurricane Iris
  • Tropical Storm Jerry
  • Hurricane Karen
  • Tropical Storm Lorenzo
  • Hurricane Michelle
  • Hurricane Noel
  • Hurricane Olga

List of Names for 2002:
  • Tropical Storm Arthur
  • Tropical Storm Bertha
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal
  • Tropical Storm Dolly
  • Tropical Storm Edouard
  • Tropical Storm Fay
  • Tropical Depression Seven
  • Hurricane Gustav
  • Tropical Storm Hanna
  • Hurricane Isidore
  • Tropical Storm Josephine
  • Hurricane Kyle
  • Hurricane Lili

List of Names for 2003:
  • Tropical Storm Ana
  • Tropical Depression Two
  • Tropical Storm Bill
  • Hurricane Claudette
  • Hurricane Danny
  • Tropical Depression Six
  • Tropical Depression Seven
  • Hurricane Erika*
  • Tropical Depression Nine
  • Hurricane Fabian
  • Tropical Storm Grace
  • Tropical Storm Henri
  • Hurricane Isabel
  • Tropical Depression Fourteen
  • Hurricane Juan
  • Hurricane Kate
  • Tropical Storm Larry
  • Tropical Storm Mindy
  • Tropical Storm Nicholas
  • Tropical Storm Odette
  • Tropical Storm Peter

List of Names for 2004:
  • Hurricane Alex
  • Tropical Storm Bonnie
  • Hurricane Charley
  • Hurricane Danielle
  • Tropical Storm Earl
  • Hurricane Frances
  • Hurricane Gaston
  • Tropical Storm Hermine
  • Hurricane Ivan
  • Tropical Depression Ten
  • Hurricane Jeanne
  • Hurricane Karl
  • Hurricane Lisa
  • Tropical Storm Matthew
  • Subtropical Storm Nicole
  • Tropical Storm Otto

List of Names for 2005:
  • Hurricane Arlene
  • Hurricane Bret
  • Hurricane Cindy
  • Hurricane Dennis
  • Hurricane Emily
  • Hurricane Franklin
  • Hurricane Gert
  • Hurricane Harvey
  • Hurricane Irene
  • Hurricane Jose
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Lee
  • Hurricane Maria
  • Hurricane Nate
  • Hurricane Ophelia
  • Hurricane Philippe
  • Hurricane Rita
  • Hurricane Stan
  • Hurricane Tammy
  • Hurricane Vince
  • Hurricane Wilma
  • Hurricane Alpaha
  • Hurricane Beta
  • Hurricane Gamma
  • Hurricane Delta
  • Hurricane Epsilon
  • Hurricane Zeta

List of Names for 2006:

No named hurricanes made US landfall this year.

List of Names for 2007
  • Hurricane Andrea
  • Hurricane Barry
  • Hurricane Chantal
  • Hurricane Dean
  • Hurricane Erin
  • Hurricane Felix
  • Hurricane Gabrial
  • Hurricane Humberto
  • Hurricane Ingrid
  • Hurricane Jerry
  • Hurricane Karen
  • Hurricane Lorenzo
  • Hurricane Melissa
  • Hurricane Noel
  • Hurricane Olga

Are the hurricane seasons becoming increasingly more severe as a result of global warming? You be the judge based on history.