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Thank you for offering the Christmas Tree Stand, I just purchased the TS297WL and I appreciate the free shipping. I also appreciate the fact that my 14 foot tree will not fall over 3-5 times this year! Have a great Christmas and I am sure my friends and neighbors will be very interested where I purchased this tree stand.

Herbie - NH

I can only say WoW!!!...What service.....P.S. I book marked your web page and I'll be talking billboard for HomeProductsnMore

-Jim M - IL

I finally got around to changing the lock on the door and, with the help of my son-in-law, I was successful in installing the Lockey keyless is working very nicely. Iím looking forward to many years of easy-entry to my house! Thanks for all your help!!

-Dave Potts - MD

I looked all over town for hardware to fit a storm door when ours broke... I was very pleased with the quality and it fit perfect. It is heavy and the finish is very nice...the easy instructions and helpful diagrams on the website made picking out what we needed to make sure it fit a snap. Thanks Home Products N More

-Brian C - NE

Thank you so much, Ellen - you are, without doubt, the most helpful online resource person I have ever encountered. And I have ordered my plaque - and transformer. Really appreciated the description of the colors, too. If you ever need a reference, tell 'em to call me. I'll give you a great one!

-Robin Hinch - CA

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Review Type:Customer Comment
By  P.M.  from FL
The storm door latch project is finally complete!  Thanks to you and your company for your excellent customer service.  The latch is a huge improvement, both in appearance and performance, over the old one.

Review Type:Customer Comment
By  Jim M from IL
I can only say WoW!!!...What service.....I ordered at midnight on the 17th.
Got a conformation e-mail on the 18th and the order was delivered on the
morning of the 20th....Your like having a local hardware in your back pocket
.and the quality of the product was beyond my expectation. I know it's not
much but I want you to keep the rebate in return for the super service. Your
what the free marketplace is all works.....Don't forget to vote
Nov. 2nd
Thank you again for the expedited service..Jim M.

P.S. I book marked your web page and I'll be talking billboard for
Review Type:Product   Normandy Bright Brass Surface Mount Lockset  Product Code: IR11625BB
purchase order #14856
By  Anonymous person from Canton, OH 
This hardware arrived in a timely fashion and looks beautiful on our home.  Thanks for carrying hardware that has a lifetime finish.

Review Type:
Product   Normandy Bright Brass Surface Mount Lockset  Product Code: IR11625BB
order number 14854
By  Anonymous person from Canton, OH  
Just what we wanted.  Everything was top notch from the sales people to how quickly our order arrived.  Thanks.

Review Type:Product    Nantucket Legacy Vinyl Arbor   Product Code: VA84250
Best buy for - Nantucket Legacy Vinyl Arbor
By   Robert Walsh from Southbury, CT
Home Products 'N' More, proved to me the highest level of Customer Service.  The price of buying the Arbor and Post Extension Kit, was reasonable by it self and the free shipping by UPS was best deal I could find.  I put together the vinyl  parts with very easy directions from the providing company. The only minor challenge I overcame was the size of the screws that were provided were too long which makes the drill next to impossible, so I used my own screws from a prior Arbor about 1 inch and those were fine, for the vinyl in very few locations thanks to the design of this product. The company also has a nice Simple Rewards program where you can also win from $100 to $500 if you wish to try like I will. Save your paper work from the Manufacturer's if you find defects for a 20 YEAR WARRANTY,   wow, you can't beat anywhere!!!!

Review Type:
Product    Aluminum Fan Trellis - 28" W x 72" H   Product Code: F-72
Fan Trellis
By   Anonymous person from NJ
Good product - white twist ties do not work particularly well, but trellis is sturdy and performs well.

Review Type:Product     Deadbolt Lock Set with Key for Surface Mount Storm Door   Product Code: IR-DB-02
Deadbolt Lock
By   Anonymous person from New York 
This is a very difficult product to find. In fact, this was the only place I found it.  The item fits perfectly though I thought it was a bit pricey. Given that it is so difficult to find, I guess you have to expect that.  All in all I am very satisfied with this product.

Review Type:
Product     Mortise Storm Door Hardware Bright Brass   Product Code: IR-MortiseBB
Good Product
By   rmc from Nebraska
Fast delivery. The instructions included in the product indicate that this set will fit doors up to 2" wide. My door is 1 5/8" wide, and the product fit well. Take time to read the instructions and understand them. That is key to making this fit your particular width door. Installation took 45 minutes, and I had to drill holes to accommodate the set. It's all explained in the instructions. The illustrations in the instructions could be a bit clearer. I would by this set again.

Review Type:Product    Original Roadmag, 60" Wide   Product Code: R60
Awesome Magnet
By  Stephen Crouch from Port Arthur, TX
We have been having problems with flat tires at our plant.  We hooked this magnet to one of the golf carts we use, and drove it all over for a few days.  We collected a 5 gallon bucket worth of future "flat tires."  I would highly recommend it.

Review Type:Product    Snap & Grow 6' x 8' Greenhouse   Product Code: HG6008
Snap n Grow 6 x 8 Greenhouse
By  Richard Shackelford from Ohio
Greenhouse went together in 6.5 hours but pictorial instructions leave a lot to be desired.  Even so we were able to figure out the pictures. Attractive looking greenhouse.  Plastic panels are flexible which is necessary for construction but I was expecting a heavier plastic.  All in all seems to be a very nice unit.  Also arrived in just a few days.

Review Type:Product    Aluminum Fan Trellis - 28" W x 72" H   Product Code: F-72
Fan Trellis
By  Frank Armendariz from Omaha Nebraska
This trellis is the best, It was easy to install and,well made I plan to buy another one.

Review Type:Product    Mortise Storm Door Hardware Bright Brass   Product Code: IR-MortiseBB
Mortised Lockset
By   Jim  from MD
This fit an Emtek full view storm door about 12 years old. Only needed to redrill 4 holes. Take your time to understand the instructions.(I do not do this kind of work often). It took me a few tries to get it right. This is a quality piece and is a real upgrade from the original. I will be buying another for my kitchen door!

Review Type:Product     Snap & Grow 8' x 8' Greenhouse  Product Code: HG808
8x8 Greenhouse
By   Cathy  from Indiana
It took my daughter and I about 2 days to put it up, and have used it for a week now.  My only complaint is the window on top doesn't fit exactly right - so there is a small gap there.  Other than this - I LOVE IT!!

Review Type:Product   Arcadian Trellis, White  Product Code: 8101
Looks Good
By   Connie from Margate, NJ
The shipping time was quick. I love the look of the Arcadian Trellis (especially compared to the trellis I saw in my local lawn garden stores). I didn't realize I would need to drill them together, but it wasn't too difficult.

Review Type:
8101 Lock
By   Frank  from Brookfield, OH
Pros: No Batteries Big buttons Good Construction Solid performance

Cons: A little difficult to install

Review Type:
Great Service
By   Mark Hill  from Macomb, MI
The handle I ordered arrived quicker than I thought it would. It was easy to install. Took me about 20 minutes, after some minor adjustments. The timeliness and ease of ordering, shipping and receiving the product was great.

Review Type:Product Arcadian Arbor, White
Arcadian Arbor
By   Thomas Brecciaroli from Huntsville, AL
I found the instructions were very builder friendly. The only area that presented a small problem was inserting the purlin thru the posts and beams.
Prior to placing the assembled arbor in the destination holes I inserted 16" 3 1/2'x 3 1/2' pressure treated wood posts 8" in from the bottom of each of the PVC post bases. I placed a 2" deck screw approx 6" from the base of the PVC post (inside surface) to hold the wood post in place.
Once the concrete mix had set I removed the deck screw and was able to level the unit and then refasten with larger supplied screws.
The assembly looks very professional and is sturdy. I have recommended this product to many neighbors who have viewed and liked this product in my yard.
I will attempt to send you pictures for your files.
It was a pleasure dealing with your firm.

Review Type:Product Snap & Grow 6' x 12' Greenhouse Product Code: HG6012
Snap N Grow Greenhouse 6 x 12
By   Jackey Cantrell from Jasper, GA
I purchased this Snap n Grow Greenhouse, received it within a week of ordering it from Home Products N More.  this is a great investment, we had this greenhouse together in no time.  Every piece is marked with numbers and the instruction book shows details with number.  Highly recommend this greenhouse.

Review Type:Product Snap & Grow 6' x 8' Greenhouse Product Code: HG6008
Great Starter Greenhouse
By   Danielle McDonald from Tyler, TX
This is a great greenhouse for someone who just wants to do a small amount of gardening without being overwhelmed. Overall the quality is really good. There are only a couple of items that, in my opinion, should be improved upon. First of all, the assembly directions are all in pictures, no explanations. So that made it a little harder. One of the plastic pieces came broken. Although I was able to crazy glue it, it would have been nice if the smaller pieces were packaged a bit more securely. The one thing that I did find odd, in the assembly, it had you put the whole thing together, then build the base and lift the greenhouse to put on top of the base. Basically, I love the greenhouse...just not so crazy about the instructions that came with it.

Review Type:Product Nail Sweep Magnet, 24" Wide Product Code NS-24
Nail Sweep Magnet, 24" Wide
By   Stephen customer from Walton, IN
Great product. I razed an old farm house and used this product to clean nails from driveway. Easy to use and worked great. Good quality product.

Review Type:Product Snap & Grow 6' x 8' Greenhouse Product Code: HG6008
Good Bang For Your Buck
By   Lottie Aston customer from Auburn, CA
Just finished setting up the Snap n Grow.  Tedious and difficult instructions (some verbiage would be helpful), however once assembled it is quite sturdy and does the job.  If your looking for a professional grade greenhouse this is not it.  But for the hobbyist/personal garden, the Snap n Grow is a great bang for your buck.

Review Type:Customer Comment
By   Dave Potts  from MD
I finally got around to changing the lock on the door and, with the help of my son-in-law, I was successful in installing the Lockey keyless is working very nicely.  Iím looking forward to many years of easy-entry to my house! Thanks for all your help!!

Review Type:Product Shade Kit for Snap & Grow or Multi-Line Greenhouses Product Code: HG1006
Effective But Blinding
By   Lottie Aston customer from Auburn, CA
This sun shade seems to be effective, but is extremely blinding to look at in full sun.  I guess that's the point, though, as its job is to deflect sunlight.

Review Type:Product Snap & Grow Greenhouse 6' x 4' Extension Kit  Product Code: HG6004
Absolutely Necessary Addition
By   Lottie Aston customer from Auburn, CA
Unless you have very little space this 4 ft addition is a must have.  In addition to more room it gives you a second vent allowing for more air flow.

Review Type:Product Keyless Deadbolt Lock Mechanical Mortised Lockey M210 Product Code: M210
Keyless Lock NO Batteries
By   Jon Dilling  from Atlanta, GA
After replacing 2 battery operated keyless locks (don't waste your time or money with Quickset!), I ordered this one.  I love that it is mechanical and there are no electronics.  The installation was a little tricky using existing lock holes, but a handy person can manage it.  The code was easy to set, and it works just the way I had hoped it would.  I wish I had ordered this one before the battery operated locks.  It is definitely the way to go for a keyless deadbolt.

Review Type:Product Inside Handle with Push/Turn Feature Product Code: IR-IH-2
Great Latch
By   Anonymous customer from Sun Prairie, WI
Much better latch than the original (which could only twist to open).

Did require shortening the spindle in our case because it was extended further into the original (and pinned inside) but that was no problem.

We'll probably get another one of these to replace the still-working latch on our other door because being able to push (or twist) this style open is much nicer than having to twist the original.

Arrived only a few days after we ordered.
Review Type:Product Keyless Deadbolt Lock Mechanical Mortised Lockey M210 Product Code: M210
Great Lock
By   Jeffrey P Angelino  from East Meadow, NY
I love the lock, it was easy to change the code,it is so easy to use, i don't need to carry keys anymore for the house. My kids love it because they don't need to keep track of were they put the key to the house. I am going to buy another lock soon for my garage door.The best lock I have ever bought and it was the best price I found thanks.

Review Type:
Love this product!
By   Anonymous customer from United States
Since I have put this on the car, I haven't seen a deer yet, and the birds on the side of the road also fly away at the noise of it, so it avoids them coming out in front of the car too! Does a great job!!!

Review Type:
One heavy duty tree stand!!
By   C. Nicholls  from Fort Mill, SC
We ordered this after we tried to put our 12' tree into a "regular" large plastic stand and it fell over! We ordered this for next year, but when it came, it's definitely heavy duty and will do the trick for next year! It's better quality than expected and it is very heavy and the colors are bright and nice! Excellent service and quick shipment! Thanks!!!

Review Type:Product Stand for trees up to 11' tall - Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty!
Christmas Tree Stand
By   John Aherne from Germantown, MD
I am very happy with the stand. We have a nine foot tree in the new stand in a room with a carpet with padding. The tree was a bit wobbly and likely to tip over until I placed the stand on a 1/4" x 36" x 18" board. That firmed it up. I ordered last Thursday night after our old stand broke. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the person on your chat line who helped me buy the right stand and made sure it was delivered quickly knowing our tree was leaning against the living room wall waiting for a stand. Thanks so so much.

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By   Anonymous customer from NH
Thank you very much for your speedy response to the issue with my order. I
will anxiously await the arrival of the replacement part. I appreciate your
no nonsense approach to customer relations and will tell others of your
business policy. I will certainly return for other items when needed in the

Review Type:
By   David Aronson from HP, IL
Great service, knowledgeable, perfect replacement for my broken door handle that no longer sprung back up.  Worth every penny.

Review Type:
Hornet V-120 Review
By   Anonymous customer from Wingo, KY
I am fully satisfied with the Hornet's results.  I can definitely see the deer's reaction to the sound of the whistle.  The deer stop and listen instead of running into the path of the vehicle.  It is unbelievable!

Review Type:
Tree Stand
By   Rebecca Chlubicki from Wyoming, PA
This stand is more than I expected and even better than the photo. It is made from heavy metal and is extremely sturdy. I look forward to using this many years for our Christmas Trees.

Review Type:
Can't Believe How Fast And How Well It Works!
By   Christy from Sumter, SC
My son always wants the largest tree he can find. For the last 6 years I have fought getting our live trees into a stand and keeping it there.  We have even had to place nails into the wall to secure.  It took 10 minutes to get this 14 ft tree from truck and standing in the stand and ready to decorate. Worth every dime!  Very high quality and you can't beat free shipping because it's heavy duty.  Thanks!

Review Type:Product Christmas Tree Waterer - Green Square Gift - 100008B
Best Idea Yet
By   Christy McLean from Sumter, SC
Perfect for large trees.  If you have ever had to climb under a large tree to water you will understand what I am talking about.  Allows you to fill tree from distance and you don't have to move presents or leave a path to get to tree truck.  Hold lots of water so tree stand fills as needed.  Nice looking present, but bow not the best...  May make my own :)  Worth the money.

Review Type:Product Floor Protecting Tray - TST02
Doesn't Slip Or Slide
By   Christy from Sumter, SC
Purchased to place tree stand in on hardwood floors.  Worried that it may slide, but was not a problem.  Excellent choice and keeps me from worrying about possible water overflow from tree getting onto my hardwoods.  Durable.

Review Type:Product Inside Handle - IR-IH-1
Works Great
By  Jeff Gaskins from Amelia, OH
Handle worked fine. No modifications needed to the door or the remaining portion of the handle assembly. Handle was a little pricy though.

Review Type:Product Normandy Bright Brass Surface Mount Lockset - IR11625BB
Normandy Bright Brass Surface Mount Lockset Review
By  Alice from Grand Island, NY
We purchased this online because we liked the looks and the warranty. The price was pretty good and the free shipping was a definite bonus! Installation was easy and technically it is a right or left handed door set but I was disappointed that the flair of the handle was opposite of what was pictured once installed. It looks like it is a  good quality product and should be much more durable than the one we replaced.

Review Type:Product Hampton Oil Rubbed Bronze Surface Mount Lockset - IR-HMPT-ORB
Storm Door Lock And Latch
By  Betty Stanley from Matthews, NC
Great website...easy to read instructions

Review Type:Product Christmas Tree Waterer - Green Square Gift - 100008B
Christmas Tree Waterer
By Anonymous customer  from Lindenhurst, NY
Great item.

Review Type:Product Normandy Bright Brass Surface Mount Deadbolt - Lifetime Finish!-IR11625BB-DB
Deadbolt locks
By Dwight Hamilton  from St. John, MO
They are pretty good

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Ron Snack  from NJ
Thank you for making the process of purchasing a surface mount handle so easy.  You were efficient and courteous and made the process a pleasure.  I received the handle in the mail yesterday and installed it with ease today.  It looks great on my front storm door.  Thank you again.  If the need arises, I will look forward to doing business with you and your company in the future. 

Review Type:
Product Vinyl Siding Hooks Combo Pack - VSH06
Worked like a charm
By L. Bajor  from Highlands, NJ
I bought both the adjustable hooks and the non-adjustable.  Depending on where the window ends in relationship with the siding and other windows I was able to hang my window boxes more symmetrically.  The weight of the boxes and the angle they lean at seems to keep them very secure.
A great product.  Simply designed and very efficient.

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By D.M.  from MD
I ordered the hardware for my front storm door, which I had tried 3  
different versions and trips to my local home depot and the original  company that
installed it, nothing worked, found you on the web and 15 minutes  after it
arrived, my door was fixed. even added on the extension kit. I can not  
thank you enough...
very happy customer,

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Joe  from PA
Thank you for all of your help.  I really appreciate someone who is so responsive and helpful in todayís market place.  I feel that customer service has really gone down hill these days and it is a pleasure to do business with someone such as your self.  I just wanted to tell you that.

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Sue Wade  from IL
We just received the deadbolts, thanks so much for the quick guys did an awesome job getting us our stuff...

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Robert Silva  from Falmouth, MA
The product has been received as of 10/05/09 but I must make this statement
to you.  This was the best phone service for a product that I have ever  
received and I am very thankful for it.

Review Type:Product Vinyl Siding Hooks Combo Pack - VSH04
Subject: Fabulous Product
By C. Hadaway  from Lockport, LA
I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product I ordered.  I ordered these hooks early on a Monday morning and received them on the following Wednesday!  Wow, what service!  I would definitely recommend this site to anyone wanting hard to find items and have since ordered more.  The promptness of this site is incredible!

Review Type:Product 56" SDM Privacy Screen with Arch & Tray - White
Subject: Love This!
By Kim  from Cherry Hill, NJ
This is a great product for a balcony to add privacy. The tray keeps any overflow from watering or rain from spilling onto your downstairs neighbor. I do wish the planter part was a little wider for easier planting. Consider buying the taller model for more privacy.

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Joseph D  from PA
Thank you very much for your prompt reply and wonderful service.  I will recommend your company to others!

Review Type:
Product Stand for trees appx. 9' tall with a 5-1/2" trunk dia. - Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty!
Subject: Christmas Tree Stand
By John Ouilhon  from Sutter Creek, CA
Absolutely an excellent product and well worth the money!  I used the stand last holiday season and it worked without a hitch.  A must for all you folks who will be putting up a fresh Christmas tree this year and it will last for years to come!

Review Type:
Product Trailblazer 4 in 1 magnet 72" Wide
Subject: Great Product/Easy to use
By Susan A  from Modesto, CA
This magnet works great!

After several employees complained of getting flat tires when traveling down our dirt driveway, we decided to give this product a try.  After 3 quick passes, this magnet picked up enough nails & screws to fill half a coffee can!

Review Type:
Product LV Post Cap Kit, 4" x 4", White!
Subject: Classy Caps, low voltage
By Scott Hummell  from Columbus Grove, OH
I was very satisfied with the quality, design, and look of the product.  5 of the 6 classy caps were in perfect condition and look wonderful on my new deck.  One of the light sockets and bulb were cracked in shipping, and I have written an email for a replacement. Thanks.

Review Type:
Product Hampton Satin Nickel Surface Mount Lockset - Lifetime Finish!
Subject: Great Product, Fit My Needs Perfect
By Brian C  from Omaha, NE
I looked all over town for hardware to fit a storm door when ours broke. No one had anything that fit the model we had.
After looking around we decided to try this.. I was very pleased with the quality and it fit perfect. It is heavy and the finish is very nice. It was a little more than I thought I was going to have to pay to replace the hardware, but I am very pleased with the quality as it seems heavy enough to last a long long time. No regrets on the purchase

I have to say the easy instructions and helpful diagrams on the website made picking out what we needed to make sure it fit a snap. Thanks Home Products N More

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Norman M  from OH
Thanks for the fast response.  Worked just like you said it would. You
people are great!

Review Type:Product 36" Privacy Screen With Arch And Tray - color white SDM
Subject: great kit... challenging assembly
By: John Testa  from Bronx, NY
Beautiful miniature screen! I placed it on an angle by ugly fencing and it changed the view for the better 100%! I assembled trellis in five minutes. Thinking of purchasing a second privacy screen from you in the near future; they are so beautiful and functional and reasonably priced!

Review Type:Product Park Bench Kit-Buy 2 For Picnic Table
Subject: great kit... challenging assembly
By C. Asher  from Hill, NH
I have been looking for this type of bench/table for years, since seeing it at a friend's house.  I am so happy to find the kit that makes it affordable (the ready-made bench/table was WAAAY too expensive!).  

I'm glad that I have wood-working experience as the assembly was a bit of a challenge.  I choose pressure-treated 2x4s for the bottom and they were extremely hard to fit into place (and impossible to remove and sand once we started them into place).  I'm perplexed as to where to secure the wood screws, as per the instructions.

So it was challenging to drill and fit the top boards... but with a little patience and ingenuity, they look great!  Perhaps there should be a note in the instructions for people to check the placement of the bolt holes BEFORE drilling.

We also used a drum drill to make a 2" half-circle into the top board so that the table would fit around the patio umbrella.

Review Type:Product Inside Handle with Push/Turn Feature
Subject: Inside Door Hnadle For Aluminum Storm Door
By Albert Logalbo  from Tonawanda, NY
Inside handle for  storm door matched perfect in color and size (fit). It looks like better quality than original.

Came with hex wrench to tighten screw, but hex wrench kept slipping hex screw opening was stripped but it tightened up  enough to hold.

Review Type:Product Edgewood Oval Illuminated Address Plaque
Subject: Great Item
By Robin Hinch  from Long Beach, CA
This is a sturdy, handsome, high-quality addition to the front of my house. The online transaction - plus personal interaction with a customer service rep. via the 800 number, followed by an explanatory email from her - were outstanding.

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Robin Hinch  from CA
Thank you so much, Ellen - you are, without doubt, the most helpful online resource person I have ever encountered. And I have ordered my plaque - and transformer. Really appreciated the description of the colors, too.
If you ever need a reference, tell 'em to call me. I'll give you a great one!

Review Type:
Product Park Bench Kit - Buy 2 For Picnic Table

Subject: Kit Great, Instructions, Not So Great
By  Carolyn Shearlock from Neoga, IL United States
The kit itself is great.  We'd have a better finished product IF the instructions had told us to check the wood before beginning.

Our 2x4's were slightly large and wouldn't fit into the bases without a lot of sanding.  Check this BEFORE finishing your wood. 

They also varied slightly in length.  Our holes were off for attaching the seats and legs, and the ends are uneven.  Make sure the 7 for the seats and top are EXACTLY the same length, and the other 2 are EXACTLY 12 inches shorter or the measurements don't work.

Finally, the instructions say to finish the wood before building the table.  I used Thompson's WaterSeal Advanced Tinted Wood Protector which says it can be used on new PT wood.  It did not penetrate well and looks uneven.

If I was going to do this again, I'd leave the PT wood unfinished for a year, then finish it.  Or use regular wood and paint it from the start.

We caused our own problems.  The kit is good and the table is perfect for a small space!

Review Type:Product Plantation Multi Width Arbor, White
By  Greg Bell from Titusville, FL United States
Thank you so much for offering this very well crafted  product and having the best price on the internet!!  I scoured the net looking for a wide enough arbor to get my riding lawn mower through, and this product is perfect!!  The arbor came in the time as described, 5 days from time of purchase, and  the assembly took only a few hours.  I did find that the instructions failed to mention that the sides with the spindles go in only one way as the top squares are smaller than the bottom squares.  Also, instead of attaching the 4x4's directly to the arbor bottom as instructed, I put the arbor over the 4x4's after placing them in the holes at the described height. This worked perfect for me as I was working alone.  I am one happy customer as this product is exactly what I was looking for, is extremely well made, arrived in the time expected, and is the best price on the internet.  I will definitely recommend your company to anyone, and will be shopping with you again soon.  Thank you!!

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Anonymous customer from NJ
Just wanted you to know that the Inside handle for my Forever door fit  
perfectly. I originally called EMCO the manufacturer and they wanted to sell me  a
kit for either $59 or $99 depending upon who you spoke to. However when they  
informed me about a replacement kit where I would have to drill and fit I  did
not understand why they simply did not have the inside handle. Upon  
contacting Home products it was very simple to order with their assistance. I  placed
the order on 3/26 and received it on 3/31 or 5 days. I also saved at  least 40
dollars if not 80 dollars again depending upon who I talked to at  
EMCO/Forever doors.

Review Type:Product Deadbolt Lock Set with Key for Surface Mount Storm Door
By  marsha king from st albans, VT United States

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Maz  from NY
Original package damaged in transit and item was missing upon arrival.  Homeproductsnmore replaced it immediately
free of charge!  How many other companies would do this for you?!?
Thank you!!!  A+++

Review Type: Product  Keyless Deadbolt Lock Mechanical Mortise Mount Lockey 2210
Subject: Lockey Digital Lock / Deadbolt
By  Henry Sheffer from Virginia Beach, VA
I wanted a bump proof lock and this lock is exactly what I was looking for.  Installation was simple and delivery was quick.

Review Type:
Product    Christmas Ornament Storage - Telescoping Ornament Keeper Product Code: TK-10125
Subject:  Great Ornament Keeper
By  Carolyn Smith from Epworth, GA
This is a wonderful ornament keeper, I highly recommend it. The only problem I had with it is trying to fit the dividers into the trays, this was really hard! Other than that, I am very pleased.

Review Type:Product    Vinyl Siding Hooks Original Siding Hook Set of 4 Product Code: VSH05
Subject: A Great Answer
By Pam Herda from Andover, MN
I searched everywhere for a product to safely use on our new vinyl siding.  I wanted to hang a wreath outside the front door but did not want to put a hole in the siding. When they arrived, I immediately tried to put one in and was frustrated that I could not get it to work. I watched the video over and over again wondering what my problem was, it looked so easy. I called my dad and asked him if he had any suggestions. Bingo! Since I live in cold MN, he suggested I use a hair dryer to heat the area so that the siding is more flexible and then while the area is warm, slide the hook in. It worked perfectly!

Review Type:
Subject: Pergola
By Susan Schieferle from Visalia, CA
I ordered and received our adjustable pergola within a week.  We are totally thrilled with our new pergola.  The screws were not included in the shipment,so we called immediately, and received them within 48 hours.  What great quality and customer service and the best prices on the internet!  We would not hesitate to order from you again or recommend your website.  Thank you for making our yard more beautiful!
Review Type:
Customer Comment
By Anonymous customer from CA
We wanted you to know that we received our address plaque today. It looks
as good as we had hoped. Thank you for all of your trouble in getting
samples sent to us.
Anyway, thank you for your time and considerable effort with us. We really
appreciate it.

Review Type:
Customer Comment
By A Happy Customer from NJ
I'm very pleased with ordering from your website.  I only ordered one small item and the shipping was free!  Plus my order was processed extremely fast, and I received an e-mail notifying me of shipment. I intend to shop from your website again when I have more time to browse.
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Subject: Best Ever!
By Kathy from Norway, ME
These clips are a lifesaver.  No more broken ornaments from slipping off the tree when bumped.  My cats can even bat around the lower ornaments without damaging them.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for your valuable ornaments.
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Customer Comment
By Lorraine I. from IN
In regard to a problem I had with one of your products, I wish to thank you for your prompt response.  It is refreshing to find a company such as yours that still offers friendly and efficient service. 
 I think you are a great company and am so happy I found you and will recommend you to friends every chance I get. May your company flourish in the coming year.

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Subject: Timber
By Herbie from NH
Thank you for offering the Christmas Tree Stand, I just purchased the
TS297WL and I appreciate the free shipping. I also appreciate the fact that
my 14 foot tree will not fall over 3-5 times this year! Have a great
Christmas and I am sure my friends and neighbors will be very interested
where I purchased this tree stand.

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Customer Comment
By Evan P. from CT
Thank you for taking care of this with such expediency. I am very impressed to find that somewhere in America customer service still exists. ...I look forward to calling on the resources of your company again. Thank you very much for your help...
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By Anonymous customer
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Customer Comment
By C.B.from LA
Thanks so very much for your prompt action! I'm so appreciative!
Merry Christmas!
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Subject: Great Job from happy customer
By Anonymous customer from Houma, LA
I order a product back on the 10-22-08 late in the  afternoon.  I received
product on  the 10-25-08 Great Job from happy customer down in Houma, LA.  
The replacement part is exactly what I  order and identical to original part.
Thanks, a have a Great Day! Job well  done

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Subject: The deer hornet works!
By Linda from Atlanta
I just have to tell you about my experience. Since installing the deer hornet on 3 cars and a motorcycle, we have yet to see a deer, so wondered it it really worked. I proved it yesterday when I was leaving my subdivision to turn onto a busy street. When I got to the stop sign, right in front of me, across the street, were two fawns. They seemed to be as shocked to see me as I was to see them, especially since it was only 4:00 in the afternoon. I was so afraid that they would dart out into the street, and get hit by a car right in front of my eyes. I reached down and turned on my deer hornet. Their ears perked up, they turned away, and ran up the hill behind them!  I was so excited, I had to call my husband right away. The deer hornet works!

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Subject: door hardware
By Anonymous customer from Wilbraham,MA
Have found Home Products n more to be prompt and reliable
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Subject: Search Success
By Lora Semon from Indianapolis, IN
My home is brand new and my husband will not allow holes in the vinyl siding.  This is exactly what we have been looking for.  I am so exited.  Now, I can hang Christmas wreaths, my country accent stars, and much more!
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Subject: very pleased!
I ordered two of these to give me privacy off the side of my 3rd-floor balcony (I was staring over into the three balconies next to and below me).  I could not be more pleased!  They came as quickly as you could possibly expect for such large items and were a snap to put together.  Not being a gardener at all I just filled the bases with plain dirt to weigh them down but wove the trellis with fake ivy, flowers and lights.  I even hung a wreath on it.  They look AWESOME!  Especially on a balcony - add some indoor/outdoor rugs they transform it into a room I really want to spend time in!

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Subject: vinyl siding hooks
By Anonymous Customer from Orange, MA
Have ordered vinyl siding hooks 3 times. Had been looking in local shops and could not find similar products. Sometimes a siding removal tool is helpful to lift the siding and push the hook in place.I am a small senior woman and just not strong enough. But no problem and a perfect answer for hanging planters on my vinyl sided screened in porch. Great speedy service too. Thanks.