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Thank you for offering the Christmas Tree Stand, I just purchased the TS297WL and I appreciate the free shipping. I also appreciate the fact that my 14 foot tree will not fall over 3-5 times this year! Have a great Christmas and I am sure my friends and neighbors will be very interested where I purchased this tree stand.

Herbie - NH

I can only say WoW!!!...What service.....P.S. I book marked your web page and I'll be talking billboard for HomeProductsnMore

-Jim M - IL

I finally got around to changing the lock on the door and, with the help of my son-in-law, I was successful in installing the Lockey keyless is working very nicely. Iím looking forward to many years of easy-entry to my house! Thanks for all your help!!

-Dave Potts - MD

I looked all over town for hardware to fit a storm door when ours broke... I was very pleased with the quality and it fit perfect. It is heavy and the finish is very nice...the easy instructions and helpful diagrams on the website made picking out what we needed to make sure it fit a snap. Thanks Home Products N More

-Brian C - NE

Thank you so much, Ellen - you are, without doubt, the most helpful online resource person I have ever encountered. And I have ordered my plaque - and transformer. Really appreciated the description of the colors, too. If you ever need a reference, tell 'em to call me. I'll give you a great one!

-Robin Hinch - CA

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Compost tumblers and bins are not only eco friendly; compost tumblers help your garden, too! Also known as "black gold," compost is highly beneficial in gardens and will help your plants grow larger and faster. The Sun-Mar compost tumblers shown below produce compost aerobically, meaning little to no odor and faster turnaround time. However, not all composters from Home Products 'n' More are aerobic units, we do also offer some anaerobic compost bins. For more information on the difference between aerobic and anaerobic composting, please visit our Composter FAQ Page.
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If you're interested in other eco friendly products, please be sure to visit our category of eco friendly outdoor furniture! We offer products made of recycled plastic composite material. These products are durable and long lasting, and they won't rot or decay like wood. We also offer a line of log cedar garden furniture. Did you know that log cedar is a byproduct of the log cedar home industry, and that the wood comes from sustainable forestry?

For more great products for your home and garden, look no farther than Home Products 'n' More! If you're looking for a gift item for the gardener in your life, you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of products to enhance your outdoor living spaces--from outdoor furniture and lighting to arbors, trellises, and pergolas, and everything in between!

If you enjoy gardening, you might be interested in our line of aluminum trellises. We offer fan and ladder style aluminum trellises in a variety of sizes ranging from 24 to 108 inches tall! Aluminum is a great choice for a metal trellis because it's lightweight, yet still very durable, and best of all, it won't rust like steel! Our aluminum trellises are designed to fold up for easy storage during the off season, and they also feature our unique trellis training clips. No more using twine or string to tie plant to the trellis! These trellis clips fit right into the trellis and can be positioned wherever they're needed. They easily hold up plant stems and tendrils while training them to climb the trellis, and they won't choke the plant like some other tying methods. Our aluminum garden trellises are all powder coat painted for durability, and you get your choice of two attractive colors: white or hunter green.

If you have questions about any product you see on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or by calling 800-690-0132. We're always happy to help!