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Thank you for offering the Christmas Tree Stand, I just purchased the TS297WL and I appreciate the free shipping. I also appreciate the fact that my 14 foot tree will not fall over 3-5 times this year! Have a great Christmas and I am sure my friends and neighbors will be very interested where I purchased this tree stand.

Herbie - NH

I can only say WoW!!!...What service.....P.S. I book marked your web page and I'll be talking billboard for HomeProductsnMore

-Jim M - IL

I finally got around to changing the lock on the door and, with the help of my son-in-law, I was successful in installing the Lockey keyless is working very nicely. Iím looking forward to many years of easy-entry to my house! Thanks for all your help!!

-Dave Potts - MD

I looked all over town for hardware to fit a storm door when ours broke... I was very pleased with the quality and it fit perfect. It is heavy and the finish is very nice...the easy instructions and helpful diagrams on the website made picking out what we needed to make sure it fit a snap. Thanks Home Products N More

-Brian C - NE

Thank you so much, Ellen - you are, without doubt, the most helpful online resource person I have ever encountered. And I have ordered my plaque - and transformer. Really appreciated the description of the colors, too. If you ever need a reference, tell 'em to call me. I'll give you a great one!

-Robin Hinch - CA

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Climbing Vines For Arbors, Pergolas, and Trellises

Climbing vines have been used for years to beautify gardens. One of the unique advantages of a climbing plant is that it can extend the beauty of your garden upwards. Arbors, pergolas, and trellises can provide a wonderful spot for vines, flowering plants, fruits and vegetables to grow. They can play an important architectural role as well. They can be used as dividers for your yard or garden and can also cool your house. Yes, we said it, cool your house! By planting vines on a latticework structure next to your house, the leaves can provide shade to the sides of the house. The less sun the house has hitting it, the cooler it will be! Another use for our ladder style is as an arbor. You can use two tall units for the sides and one shorter unit for the roof. Just imagine creating your own hanging gardens! Arbors and ladder trellises can also hide eyesores such as small out buildings and dying evergreens.

This unique structure is very helpful in growing tomatoes, for example. Small rodents such as mice are more easily observed and controlled when the vines are up off of the ground. So are the Hornworms, Whiteflies and Aphids. If the fruit is off the ground, air can circulate around the plant easier, lessening the chance of blights and mold.

To maximize space for sweet pea, a trellis allows you to plant a double row on each side of the support. Peas will naturally climb a structure, but may require guidance with the clip system.

Ideas for applications:
  • You can encourage hummingbirds with a wall of flowers made from our ladder units. Some great vines to attract hummingbirds are the Morning Glory (Ipomoea nil 'Variegata'), Actinidia kolomikta, Flame creeper (a.k.a.Scottish Flame Flower), Nasturtium (Tropaeolum T. majus), Actinidia kolomikta, and English Ivy 'Goldheart'. Place different species on each side of your flower wall. It's also a good idea to place two walls perpendicular to one another or at various angles. This allows them to support one other. Lastly, please don't use chemicals or insecticides when attempting to lure hummingbirds. They can be quite dangerous to the small birds. Please use only organic products.
  • Don't limit yourself to only using trellises outside. They can create dramatic effects indoors as well! Fasten a ladder style unit to the floor with "L" brackets and the end of the frame to a perpendicular wall. Large cedar or masonry planters work well with trellises also. Be sure that the site where you bolt your trellises will support their weight AND the weight of the plants. Some good plants to use indoors are Pothos, Philodendendron, Mandevilla, and Ivies.
  • Always think of the the lighting your plant will have when placing a trellis or arbor. Different plants and flowers have different light needs.
  • Be sure your trellis is sufficiently fastened to the ground and surrounding structures to support it's weight and the weight of the plant as well. Our trellises do a great job of solving this problem with their interlocking anchor stakes. Simply interlock the two stakes with sides of trellis base and then drive stakes into the ground.

Some climbing vines you can use on your arbor, trellis or pergola are...
  • Morning Glory
  • Moonflower
  • Pink Mandevilla
  • Sweet Peas
  • Roses
  • Jasmine
  • Hyacinth bean vines
  • Clematis
  • English Ivy
  • Wisteria
  • Chocolate vine
  • Honeysuckle
  • Blackberries
  • Grape vines
  • Wintercreeper euonymus

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